Why I started a Blog

Since many years I was thinking about to start a Blog. There were many reasons to start blogging: new technologies that comes up all the time, learning and applying best practices in my day to day job, playing around with different tools, sharing accomplishments and failures… Just to name a few. But also at the same there were many reasons to not start blogging: not enough time because of hobbies, spending time with the family, not enough interesting stuff to share, afraid that nobody will read anything here except myself…

Recently I did a complete rewrite of echooff.dev with a framework called Astro and I thought maybe it’s a good idea to also start blogging now. I see it more as an experiment to see how far it goes and how valuable it is for me.

So this is my very first attempt to start writing articles for the public. My intention is to write about things that accompany me during my career as a professional Software Engineer and things in personal side projects (like this website for example). I try to share knowledge about stuff I’m passionate about and in addition I try to improve my writing skills. Writing skills that comes by practice.

See you soon hopefully 👋